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Liquidity Rewards

Liquidity Rewards for Immutable zkEVM.

IMX Ecosystem Foundation is supporting the newly launched Immutable zkEVM chain by providing $IMX Rewards for liquidity providers (LPs) starting 7th March 2024.
The Foundation will be partnering with Gauntlet for optimizing reward efficiency as well as Merkl by Angle Labs for calculations and distribution.

An important function of a thriving gaming ecosystem is the ability to swap between different in-game tokens. Players need to be able to do this as quickly and cheaply as possible so they can focus on getting into the game and trade game assets.

IMX Ecosystem Foundation is excited to contribute to the newly launched Immutable zkEVM chain by rewarding users who want to enable a smooth gaming experience for the ecosystem by becoming liquidity providers. Starting on the 26th of February, rewards will be available to liquidity providers on Immutable zkEVM.

To ensure that these rewards are as efficient as possible, the Foundation will be partnering with two highly reputable technical firms. Gauntlet will optimize the program to maximize reward efficiency while Merkl by Angle Labs will be the partner for reward calculations and distribution mechanism. The highest performing LPs on the network will be rewarded. 

What’s next?

If you are interested in contributing to the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem as a liquidity provider, you will find more information here.

As a reminder,  IMX Ecosystem Foundation is the issuer of the $IMX token. $IMX Rewards represents all of the ways $IMX tokens are used to accelerate the growth of the IMX Ecosystem Foundation ecosystem. Liquidy rewards are another avenue for the Foundation to encourage activity and users of the broader ecosystem of the Immutable zkEVM environment.

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